The two low cost smartphones – the Redmi Note 10s and the Spicevision Spirei – have some very important similarities. Both are budget smartphones with attractive designs and the ability to turn the world on its head. But there is one major difference: the Note 10s are sold in the UK and the Spirei is more readily available in the US. Both phones sport similar specifications and come with similar price tags.

Both phones are designed for different uses though the Redmi Note 10s comes out as the champion in terms of performance. In fact, this phone manages to combine the best elements of the leading smartphone devices. If you want to own the most compact smartphone then the Redmi Note 10s is perfect for you. At just over five inches, it is the perfect size for those who want to make the best out of their limited mobile space.

The two budget smartphones look almost identical on paper. However, it s only after you use them both side by side that you begin to get a real feel for how much they really differ. At the same brightness level, both the Redmi Note 10S phones tend to be a bit brighter than the 10.

Both phones are equipped with the dual camera setup. The Redmi Note 10s has a 12.2 megapixel camera which takes fantastic pictures. It offers a clear picture clarity and a decent image quality; however, the camera on the Spice Vision is lacking in some areas. It does not offer as much control over light and color as the Redmi Note 10s does.

The dual SIM tray in the Redmi Note 10s makes it easier to insert cards while the Spice Vision has a difficult time doing so. Both phones use a traditional SIM tray but the difference is in the card reader. The Redmi Note 10s allows you to attach a second card through the USB port while the Vision allows you to directly insert the card. The Helio G95 octa-core processor in the Redmi Note 10s is also a little slower than that found in the Spice Vision.

Both phones have a good solid battery life. They can last you quite a few days on a single charge. One area where the Redmi Note 10s trounces the Spice Vision is in its support for fast charging. If you are looking for a phone that can charge quickly, especially if you travel often, then this is the phone for you. On the other hand, if you are more interested in a phone that can deliver reliable service and allow you to keep your device on the go, the Spice Vision beats the Redmi Note 10s hands down. In our next evaluation we will compare the Redmi Note 10s Plus against the Motorola Ignite, so stay tuned!

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