The Case

Three claimants filed the initial case against Google in 2013. Judith Vidal-Hall, Robert Hann and Marc Bradshaw are all Apple users who were so aggrieved by Google's secret tracking that they sued. Since that time Google has attempted to prevent the case being heard in England, initially arguing that because the company is American the claimants should come to the United States in order to take legal action.

In December 2013, in the English High Court, Mr Justice Tugendhat heard this argument and concluded that the claimants could serve a claim on Google and that England was the appropriate place to hear the case, concluding that the claimants had a "real and substantial cause of action in their claims for misuse of private information and under the DPA [Data Protection Act]."

Google then argued that “misuse of private information” is not a tort (or civil wrong). They argued that there could not be a claim for compensation without financial loss, and argued that there is no serious issue to be tried, claiming that there was no 'real and substantial' cause of action.

They lost on all fronts before the High Court and in the Court of Appeal.

Because of this vanguard action, we now intend to bring a similar case on behalf of our Members. We are adsvised that claimants will be entitled to compensation of between £400 to £4000 depending on the extent of damages.

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